Build Big Beautiful Wall With Door and Doorbell

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Governing from Behind an Eight Ball

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Behind the eight-ball

President Donald Trump talks about a wall at our southern border with a big, beautiful door, and that puts him behind the eight ball.

We’ve always had a door on the southern border. I first learned about it 40 years ago from Mom.

We’ve kept that door propped open. It’s a giant turn-style. Hispanics and immigrants seeking opportunity were embraced. They brought skills, values, and a work ethic. Businesses rolled out the red carpet to welcome a people who value hard work.   Y’All come!

Back then, we were living in Aurora, Illinois, and my mother managed an assembly line that built telephones at Western Electric in nearby Montgomery.

Mom knew businesses welcomed immigrants. She heard there were signs at the southern border with big letters, “Welcome! Come to Aurora!”

In the past 40 years, the evolving of immigration to illegal-immigration has become nothing more than  a political debate thanks to a do-nothing congress clashing with a changing America that requires security.

Congress Fails to Act

Congress has made immigration a  political game, tugged around by voters and special interests groups. They lack courage and creative thinking to put on the books an immigration act we can enforce and backed by the American people.

Our open door on the border that once served to welcome our neighboring country with whom we share a continent has become a turn-style entry as well for gangs, terrorists, and drug traffic.

We simply want a door on that wall — a door with a doorbell!

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