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The art of communication: Presidential Quotes

Sugar coated quotes from Trump
Sugar coating Trump quotes

Quotes make for great tweets. Possibly Trump tweets so well because he has the ability to boil down into a few succinct words, complex and meaningful information and sentiments that define what he is thinking.

This page is simply a compilation of running quotations from Pres. Trump, unfiltered, along with contrasting viewpoints.

There is no sugar coating Donald Trump, but his willingness to engage in open and honest dialogue gives us a sounding board and challenges me to engage in political dialogue with candor.

And I quote POTUS 45…

The American people will NOT pay for the wall [bordering U.S. and Mexico]. Mexico will pay for the wall.

We should get along with everyone if we can.

I say what I say.

Reagan was a great President. He could have been stronger on trade, but that’s OK.

Obama Care [Affordable Care Act] is a disaster. It’s a horror show.

Communication: a two-way street

Words don’t vanish into thin air. Einstein proved that. So, I’ve included the bounce-back quotes from Trump’s resounding opinions.

Mexico is not going to pay for your wall. A wall divides.
-Peña Nieto, President of Mexico

In a concert and interview at his home in Florence, Italy, Andrea Bocelli was asked about family and lifestyle. I marveled when he said whenever his family  gathers they talk about important things that matter. Matters of substance.  He instills that into their home. Certainly, the measure of a man, and how Andrea regards communication with those he loves.