Pre-Election Merriment with Trump and Jeb

My husband’s laughter spurred me to buy this donaldjtrump.bz domain in 2016.  It was a Christmas present to me.

My Christmas tree decorated, I was loving the presidential debates. Politics consumed the holiday news cycle with Bernie and Hillary and the eight running Republican hopefuls, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Chris Christie, Carly Florina, and Rand Paul.

Sudden merriment struck one night as we gazed at the TV and heard the news Trump had bought the  jebbush.com URL and redirected it to Trump’s website.

When you searched jebbush.com, up popped donaldjtrump.com. Hubby thought Trump a clever one.

My husband’s laughter over the Trump-Jeb website coup spurred me on to open my laptop and buy DonaldJTrump.bz. I thought I would do as The Donald does.

It was an imperfect, random act, but somehow I felt clever.

The Jeb Bush campaign URL was Jeb2016.com, a website now frozen in time. Evidently Jeb aimed to distance himself from his Busch heritage, leaving his golden namesake, jebbush.com, up for grabs on the World Wide Web.

Seriously, I am amazed that jebbush.com was in public domain. I mean, who leaves their name in public domain? Congratulation to Trump’s savvy technology team who pulled off a major coup in a political season.

Those were fun memories from a rugged political campaign.

Post Election and New POTUS

Donald John Trump is now POTUS 45. Although not an early supporter, I chose to jump on the Trump Express. I will hold on for dear life because I know this train will derail on occasion and make unplanned stops.

Still, I believe President Trump is a patriot who will do his best to lead our nation.

I welcome debate and insight

As I grow the website, I hope to applaud the President’s accomplishments, note opposing views, post archived political clippings and cartoons, and include Civics 101.

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