COVID Get Well Soon Cards for POTUS and FLOTUS

Get well soon, POTUS and FLOTUS!

Is it just me or do you not love a President who takes a Coronvirus cocktail before it is on the market. Trump tested positive with COVID on Thurs. By Saturday he had downed two doses per the recommendation of his White House physicians.

Next, they whisked him away to Walter Reed Hospital for further treatment.

Trump became a human guinea pig for us. Incredible. It’s almost like he believes what he says, which seemingly comes with a little hocus-pocus at times.

Count me out

Most of us sneer at taking a flu shot. Many no longer trust their government. Surely, the degree of trust needed to be among the first to swallow a coronvirus cocktail is nada. However, our President did.

Trump’s Pronounces himself well, almost

We are getting great reports from the doctors. This is an incredible hospital, Walter Reed. The work they do is just absolutely amazing, and I want to thank them all. [-Pres. Trump]

Time for a Victory Lap with Patriots

President Trump said he was going to surprise the patriots who were waving Trump flags and cheering outside the hospital for him to get well.

Trump announced this surprise victory lap during a broadcast news flash over the Internet. He speculated he could possibly out maneuver wifi. He hoped to speedily take the elevator down from his room to surprise the patriots outside the hospital, even before they heard he was coming on their phone Apps.

I am not telling anybody but you [world-wide-web], but I am about to pay a little surprise visit. Perhaps I will get there before you see me.  [-The Trumpster]

Meanwhile, Back at the White House

It’s back at the White House today for President Trump. It was a short stay at Walter Reed. And we know COVID is not over for the President nor the American people and our friends around the world.

It is great Trump rallies the American spirit forward into a brave era, with a smile on our faces.

Those who have lost loved ones to COVID feel their pain magnified at his optimistic direction and see insensitivity in the President’s call for courage while relegating its dangers.

However, by measuring the memories of those we have lost and left behind we are fueled to go forward, more determined than ever to hold on to what we have.

We have learned a lot about COVID. I have really gone to school, this is the real school. This is not the read-the-book school. And I get it. And I understand it.
It’s a very interesting thing, and I am going to let you know about it.
In the meantime, we love the USA, and we love what is happening.
Thank you!

-Pres. Donald J. Trump

Uphold our President in this COVID pandemic with your prayers and wishes for his good health.

And mail get-well cards to wish Pres. Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump a speedy recovery!

Yard Signs Lead to Trump

Yard Signs Make for Good Reading 

It’s All About the Yard Signs: I am struck by the number of Trump yard signs and Trump flags flying from trucks and boats. This show of candidate support is remarkable.

I put people in the patriot column when they wear a cap or fly a flag or plant a sign in their yard to honor their candidate. It exposes their political viewpoint, which is not always popular and often harassed.

Remarkably, Trump mania has produced roadside Trump pop-up shops with a number of Trump-Pence souvenir items for purchase.

Enthusiasm is on Trump’s side decidedly from the show of yard signs, flags, and flotillas. I snapped a few photos from my drive in the countryside.

I am hurting for Biden signs. E-mail a pic of your signs and flags to add to the gallery 2020.

Trump boaters hit the lake on Labor Day weekend at Table Rock Lake
Trump flag on Tom's truck at Menards
Bought some tile for our remodel at Menard’s and spotted this enthusiastic Trump supporter
Early Trump supporter in a Trump hat
Vacationing when I ran into this early supporter of Trump. Told him he was courageous strolling around in a Trump hat. He said he had every Trump hat ever made. Pretty much think he does ’cause every time I bumped into him at the resort, he was sporting a new one

Biden’s Dark-Horse Conspiracy Theories

Biden’s Campaign goes dark

Biden slips out of sight as he launches his Presidential campaign from the basement of his Delaware home. Anytime a world leader goes down under, conspiracy theories pop up.

Where is Elmo is much like Where is Biden. Biden voters who hope Biden is their dark-horse in this 2020 Presidential race, pray he will walk out of that basement into the sunshine and come November, into a whole new world.

However, voters who do not drink the Biden Kool-Aid need a tad more hoopla from a candidate running for Presidency or we ignore them. Biden waging a virtual campaign from his basement in Delaware fails to rally voters.

Hence, this lack of leadership from Biden spawns conspiracy theories.

Three Popular Biden Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theory 1 – Biden’s Puppet Government

Why Biden, Dems? In consideration to Biden’s wellbeing, why is the Democratic Party backing him as their candidate? Conspiracy Theory 1: Once Biden is sworn in as President, his own party declares 78-year Biden incompetent, elevating VP Harris to POTUS 46, placing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi [second in line to the Presidency] at the helm, steering the nation’s course and giving America its first puppet government.

Conspiracy Theory 2 – Biden Props Up Social Unrest

Democrats hold no hope that any candidate could win over incumbent Donald J. Trump. Rather than expend political gravitas and wage a dismal campaign 2020, they toss Biden into the fray for a heavy hitting defeat. Conspiracy Theory 2: Biden takes one for the team.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, the Dems stomp, complain, and blast defiance to make America miserable for another four years. Social unrest and activism run rampant.

Come convention time 2024, they throw us a lifeline attached to a sterling candidate to save the day. Alas, all is well, in their eyes.

Conspiracy Theory 3 – Biden’s Electoral College Folly

Count on Democrats once again to focus suspicion on the legitimacy of Electoral College — it’s on a 4-yr cycle.

Biden hinted that if Trump loses the popular vote, Trump may not accept the Electoral College vote. Say what?

For those with children, you know the child doing the protesting is generally the one scheming behind the scenes.

Turn the tables and try this scenario: Biden wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote. That’s the fairy tale floating for Conspiracy Theory 3. Biden supporters are ready to squawk if Biden wins the popular vote but looses the Electoral College.

How can this happen, you ask.

The Electoral College elects our Presidents

We are the United States of America, and each state is a sum of the whole. Fifty states equal the United States of America. And each state has its own governor, legislature, judicial body, tax collection, highway system, etc.

Each state is a powerful entity that governs itself and capitalizes on its unique resources.

You have heard of the midwest states, AKA, the Fly Over States, the states people fly over to arrive at the important, heavily-populated metropolitan states of New York and California.

To fly over us is OK, but to be irrelevant is not. So, the Constitution settled that with the 12th Amendment in 1804 and gave states voting gravitas with the Electoral College. States vote for electors to represent them and cast the final votes for President.

The Electoral College gives us 50 voting blocks

To solve the dilemma of smaller states having no say in the choice of President, our Constitution gives each state a voice in the Presidential Election through the Electoral College.

There are 538 electors. Presidential candidates wage their campaigns state-by-state to win 270 or more of those 538 elector votes.

The number of electors for each state is equal to its number of representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives, plus two senators. Washington DC, which is not a state, has three electors. 

A Reason to Fill out Your Census

States are equated the number of electors as they have delegates to the House of Representatives. That number is based on the state’s population. That number can fluctuated every 10 years based on that year’s census.

The number of representatives a state has is capped at not more than one for every 30,000. So, if you want your vote counted, fill out your census.

Red States Vs. Blue States

Each state is a voting block. It’s a battle between the red states and the blue states. If the majority voters in a state vote for the Democrat nominee, the states goes blue. If the majority voters in a state vote for the Republican nominee, the state goes red.

Mathematically, a candidate can win the popular mass vote and not the state’s electoral votes.

Any candidate or party who seeks to minimize the legitimacy of the Electoral College is a sore looser. However, in a close election, prepare yourself for a little outrage to discredit the constitutional body of the Electoral College and the validity of the election results. Hence, the Electoral College Folly.

Mark Your Calendar for Presidential Debates

Mark your calendars with the impending Trump – Biden 2020 Debates:
September 29/Tues.
October 15/Thurs.
October 22/Thurs.

View the VP Pence & Harris debate: Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Watching the public debates between the Presidential and VP candidates should prove great sport in a pandemic when people are glued to WIFI and looking for answers.

Is Biden the Dark Horse Candidate?

Wondering if Biden is the dark horse in this year’s election. We know what happened in the 2016 race. Dark horse Trump nosed ahead and out maneuvered Hillary, crossing the finish line first …
…and the crowd went wild.

Another viewpoint:
Biden winning is like pulling a rabbit out of the hat.
If you snooze, you loose.


Our flag flying high in the sky, a beautiful sight

Honor the U.S. Flag and the patriots who keep it flying!

Always great to witness patriotism as seen in the video The Star Spangled Banner, compliments of Bass Pro Shops to wish all a Happy Labor Day and to honor the U.S. flag and the patriots who keep it flying.

We live freely in an amazing, complex, country. I am grateful for those who sacrificed for our freedom and for those who serve to protect our nation. That’s huge.

I have encapsulated the glory of freedom in my innermost being. I feel like one of those people I see in photos and videos who traveled abroad and had their freedom challenged or lost. Returning to America, they race off the plane, kneel down, and kiss U.S. soil.

I love witnessing that exuberance for freedom. It expresses their gratitude … a shared gratitude with those who love our country.

Love it or Leave it

Some have expressed the sentiment, love it or leave it, but do not burn our flag or rampage our country. A witticism seen online during the 2019-2020 pandemic:

Due to COVID-19, you are asked to sequester at home and burn your own residence.

Facebook Posting

My family tree is like this huge oak tree

Patriotism began with my parents and a father who served, down to uncles, nephews, husband, brother, and our son, all who served fearlessly, with regard for others and love of God and country. Being that close to those who have served, you have a greater appreciation of the sacrifices they made and what they hold dear to their hearts.

In one generation alone, my father and four of his brothers served during WWII and post-war – John, Wally, Ray, Pete, Harold, and Marvin. Children of immigrants who loved their country.

Those who serve, vote

You are fortunate if your parents vote. Mine did. And I remember the great discussions and the enthusiasm in voting for their leaders and their next President. The world stopped every four years, and all eyes were on the voting booth.

I revere my forefathers more with passing years as I sense their great sacrifices for the benefit of others. Thank-you!

Lyrics to National Anthem

O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Francis Scott Key

Honor the U.S. flag and the patriots who keep it flying to show your love for our nation and to honor the many who sacrificed for our freedom.


President Trump Inspires Countless Books

Browsing B&N and found Donald Trump titles on nearly every shelf at front of store. President Trump is a hot topic, and makes good reading.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Only perused the book titles and not their content. I am lacking confidence that all of the books on the shelf are praise worthy of the President. However, he is inspiring countless authors, photographers, political analysts, and pundits to fill white pages bigly with photographs, typography, and cartoons.

Buy a Trump book – fan book or not?

I snapped photos as I strolled the many Trump titles on the shelf. You might want to order a book or two.

I merely snapped photos of books on the shelves and did not peruse magazine racks, the Nook corner, or to search their data base catalog for publications with Trump as subject.

Looking at the books on the shelves of B&N, we can say that authors and photographers and cartoonist are doing well in the Trump economy.

Consider publisher’s point of view

Even more important than the revenue stream for these literary giants is the larger benefit of publishing compiled thoughts and images. It’s good to get Trump off their chest and onto the printed page.

When you read a non-fiction book or article, consider the point of view and who is shaping it before adding books to your library.

Join the Trump train and write a book

Looks like a book written about Trump is a publisher’s $dream. Maybe you could write a book about Trump or draw some insightful cartoons to inspire a nation.

When you publish a book, you put a part of yourself on the pages and you present your ideas and images to others for dialogue.

This freedom of speech and discourse are at the heart of freedom and what keeps America great.


Dumpster Diving with a Mission

Captain Energy character by wiskur and jones

Dumpster Diving done right is done well

Today I watched from my window a man who re-cycles as a way of life, loading up his vehicle with bags of aluminum and metals. He latched bags stuffed to the brim on top of his car, somewhat like Santa loads his sleigh with bags full of toys.

I saw him walk down our alley with a white plastic bag, filled with stuff still dripping somewhat. He cleaned and sorted the treasures he found and added them to the proper pile as he sorted his re-cycles.

Dumpster Diving is the art of sorting through other people’s trash to find items of value

Dumpster Diving, as we call it, is no small task and quite unpleasant. Our Dumpster Diver was methodic and cleanly. After cleaning and sorting trash, he filled a bowl with sudsy water and washed down his car before he zoomed off.

Some find it difficult to rinse out cans and bottles before tossing them. Some toss trash out car windows rather than find a trash container. We would hardly make it to dumpster diving.

Our hero dives into trash cans to retrieve items that still have purpose

So I salute him and all the many who spend hours to separate, clean, and maintain items of value that have potential for re-use. They take landfills seriously. They put thought into their use of containers.

My brother was one who re-cycled and cared about preserving natural resources to the extent it determined his beer purchase. I had to smile because no matter how particular he was of his brand of beer, the manufacturer’s environmental policies determined whether or not the brand ended up in his shopping cart.

Today I want to salute people who care about their country and go to great lengths to preserve its natural resources. And I was inspired by this man who took pride in amassing a trove of recycles, dumpster diving with distinction.

Captain Energy and The Waste Invaders

Darrell Wiskur and Dennis Jones created environmental energy characters for the 1982 World’s Fair of Energy, Knoxville TN.

There are a host of characters in this creative work: Captain Energy, General Waste, Molly Molecule, Fossil Man, The Waste Invaders, and more.

The mission of Wiskur’s band of super heroes is to fight waste and capitalize on natural energy. Captain Energy is a representative of the control and use of energy – all of the uses of energy in America.

Captain EnergyCaptain Energy must contend with waste and overcoming negative with positive. The old good vs. evil.

Thus the villain, General Waste and The Waste Invaders.

General Waste of the Waste Invaders
General Waste

Dumpster Diver on a mission

Captain Energy popped into mind when I saw this everyday hero, dumpster diving in our neighborhood. His mission: rescue trash of value to no one but to those who re-cycle and restore and haul to safety.

Keep America Great!
-Donald J. Trump, 2020

The Captain Energy & General Waste band of characters is the registered copyright of Darrell D. Wiskur. Characters created for conservation and energy. Cartoon art and character design by Dennis Jones.

Happy Birthday, Barack Obama

Wishing a Happy Birthday to Barack Obama, our 44th President.

Light the candles for our 44th President, Barack Obama. Wish him breakfast in bed and a day of celebration with Michelle, Sasha, and Malia.

My head spins when I think back on the cataclysmic 12 years since Barack won the office of President in 2008. We the American people put every one of those gray hairs on his head in his eight years as President.

We honor Barack’s service in the Oval Office of the President and how he inspired the American people.

More tears of joy were shed over Barack’s election than any other President in the history of the United States. It was a transformative morning when the American people woke up to the announcement Barack was elected our 44th President. Videos of people sobbing streamed on our television screens over the grand significance of his election and the hopes it held.

portrait of President Obama by Kehinde Wiley
Kevin Dewilde’s portrait of President Obama hangs in the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian

Have you sent Barack a birthday card?

On Melania’s birthday, I sent her a card with a little something tucked inside to thank her for the dynamic job she is doing as First Lady. Presidents are human, and we should uplift them and hold them in esteem. Pray for them and be thankful for them. And send them birthday cards.

We, the American people, are a handful with diverse opinions and ideals. At times we act like rabid sports fans when our team does not win. Some of us cannot sleep nights or want to pack-up and move to Canada, or so we say. So, depending on your team, you may or may not want to mail off a birthday card.

August 4th holds importance to me

I have something even more auspicious to celebrate on August 4, the birth of our gorgeous son!

And our son’s birth certificate is a tad easier to find than Barack’s…tee-hee.

Let us not get embroiled over politics of the past. Dream dreams and celebrate liberty, united as one nation under God, and strive for liberty and justice for all.

Image courtesy National Portrait Gallery, Copyright Kehinde Wiley, 2018


See more portraits of American Presidents [ ] .


Trump’s Presidential Re-Run for 2020

Don  your track shoes to run alongside Trump ….

Thinking back on my first run at jogging as a young mother, son Jeff, nine at the time, ran alongside me on my trial loop around the block. I was proudly huffing and puffing and in my mind jogging at great speeds. Suddenly, my son flipped around so that he was jogging backwards, smiling. He outpaced me, running backwards. I gave it my best, but my son ran circles around me. That flashback is how I see Trump, smiling and outdistancing candidates while running backwards.

Whereas our 44th President was more professorial, dipped in gold as he took office, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in anticipation of greatness, our 45th President launched into orbit from an elevator, into the great unknown, with us onboard.

Talk about jet lag

Google tracks my phone and I can view the data tracking where I have been. It’s not that impressive. I smile to imagine the Google Map of Prez Trump’s journey of  his four trips around the sun on Air Force 1, Marine 1, and the countless Presidential Motorcades.

2020, Entering the Unknown

We find ourselves in the middle of another campaign season. Feeling civic, I made my first political contribution ever  in response to one of those mailers. It was Melania’s birthday contribution request. Signed a whopping  $15 check for birthday wishes and to thank our amazing First Lady.

Your candidate needs your support to win the race.

Our Best Days Still Lie Ahead – Joe Biden

Together we are rebuilding America – Trump

Cross the Finish Line

I think back on what Trump said as he took office in 2016. He will lead us but it is we who must dream the dreams and work for what we want. Every President needs the trust and spirit of the American people.

Well, it’s running season for the 2020 election. Lace up and cheer on your candidate. Run to the finish line. Vote to realize your ideals and a better America.

Seal of USA

2019 and Ticking

pool balls in a row read 2019

Two weeks down, and no deal … yet

2019 is ticking. Christmas and New Year’s Day have come and gone. Hallmark Christmas movies are no longer running. Yet congress is at a standstill, and the government is shut down.

Congress says they want immigration reform first, before border security. They do know they are the ones to make those reforms happen. It’s a shell game. A, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

Time is ticking. It’s time to move forward and to negotiate with a President who is following the directives of the people to implement a border crossing policy and to button down illegal immigration.

Securing the border sets parameters, who’s in and who’s out. We need to know where we stand. The only ones profiting from open borders are cartels, coyotes, and gangs.

Illegal immigrants could immigrate peacefully and safely under U.S. protection – and with no more expense than paying a coyote – had we parameters for them to follow at the border.

President Trump is responsible for our security, and I am thankful he is working to that end. He is working to improve our infrastructure and to infuse technology into our nation’s security.

I have a simple suggestion for consideration. Had I spent seven years debating immigration like government has, I could no doubt come up with better ideas to put on the table. However, My Beautiful Wall with Door and Doorbell would offer security and hospitality:

Attention, Mathematicians

Time to get out the slide rule or pocket calculator to find the real cost of border security. Put a plus sign before what the current, ongoing cost is to maintain border security without a border wall and subtract the amount of the President’s $request before congress for a border with technology. The net of those two numbers is the bottom-line real cost of the President’s plan for our security.

How hard can this be, folks?

Build Big Beautiful Wall With Door and Doorbell

2018 pool ball illustration

Governing from Behind the Eight Ball

Eight ball to play pool or billiards
Trump behind the 8-ball

President Donald Trump talks about a wall at our southern border for immigrants, a wall with a big, beautiful door, and that puts him behind the eight ball.

We’ve always had a door on the southern border for immigration. I first learned about it 40 years ago from Mom.

We propped the door open. It was a giant turn-style. Hispanics and immigrants seeking opportunity were embraced. They brought skills, values, and a work ethic. Businesses rolled out the red carpet to welcome a people who value hard work.   Y’All come!

Immigrants Welcomed

Back then, we were living in Aurora, Illinois, and my mother managed an assembly line that built telephones at Western Electric in nearby Montgomery.

Mom knew businesses welcomed immigrants. She heard there were signs at the southern border with big letters, Welcome! Come to Aurora!

In current times, the evolving of immigration to illegal-immigration has become nothing more than  a political debate thanks to a do-nothing congress clashing with a changing America that requires security.

Congress Fails to Act

Congress has made immigration a  political game, tugged around by voters and special interests groups. Our leaders shrink from action and lack creative thinking.

It’s time to call for a bill rather than a recess. Put an immigration act on the books.

Our open door on the border once served to welcome our neighboring country with whom we share a continent. Today it’s a detour for immigrants and a loophole for gangs, terrorists, and drug traffic.

We simply want a door on that wall — a door with a doorbell!

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