Dumpster Diving with a Mission

Captain Energy character by wiskur and jones

Dumpster Diving done right is done well

Today I watched from my window a man who re-cycles as a way of life, loading up his vehicle with bags of aluminum and metals. He latched bags stuffed to the brim on top of his car, somewhat like Santa loads his sleigh with bags full of toys.

I saw him walk down our alley with a white plastic bag, filled with stuff still dripping somewhat. He cleaned and sorted the treasures he found and added them to the proper pile as he sorted his re-cycles.

Dumpster Diving is the art of sorting through other people’s trash to find items of value

Dumpster Diving, as we call it, is no small task and quite unpleasant. Our Dumpster Diver was methodic and cleanly. After cleaning and sorting trash, he filled a bowl with sudsy water and washed down his car before he zoomed off.

Some find it difficult to rinse out cans and bottles before tossing them. Some toss trash out car windows rather than find a trash container. We would hardly make it to dumpster diving.

Our hero dives into trash cans to retrieve items that still have purpose

So I salute him and all the many who spend hours to separate, clean, and maintain items of value that have potential for re-use. They take landfills seriously. They put thought into their use of containers.

My brother was one who re-cycled and cared about preserving natural resources to the extent it determined his beer purchase. I had to smile because no matter how particular he was of his brand of beer, the manufacturer’s environmental policies determined whether or not the brand ended up in his shopping cart.

Today I want to salute people who care about their country and go to great lengths to preserve its natural resources. And I was inspired by this man who took pride in amassing a trove of recycles, dumpster diving with distinction.

Captain Energy and The Waste Invaders

Darrell Wiskur and Dennis Jones created environmental energy characters for the 1982 World’s Fair of Energy, Knoxville TN.

There are a host of characters in this creative work: Captain Energy, General Waste, Molly Molecule, Fossil Man, The Waste Invaders, and more.

The mission of Wiskur’s band of super heroes is to fight waste and capitalize on natural energy. Captain Energy is a representative of the control and use of energy – all of the uses of energy in America.

Captain EnergyCaptain Energy must contend with waste and overcoming negative with positive. The old good vs. evil.

Thus the villain, General Waste and The Waste Invaders.

General Waste of the Waste Invaders
General Waste

Dumpster Diver on a mission

Captain Energy popped into mind when I saw this everyday hero, dumpster diving in our neighborhood. His mission: rescue trash of value to no one but to those who re-cycle and restore and haul to safety.

Keep America Great!
-Donald J. Trump, 2020

The Captain Energy & General Waste band of characters is the registered copyright of Darrell D. Wiskur. Characters created for conservation and energy. Cartoon art and character design by Dennis Jones.