Biden’s Dark-Horse Conspiracy Theories

Biden’s Campaign goes dark

Biden slips out of sight as he launches his Presidential campaign from the basement of his Delaware home. Anytime a world leader goes down under, conspiracy theories pop up.

Where is Elmo is much like Where is Biden. Biden voters who hope Biden is their dark-horse in this 2020 Presidential race, pray he will walk out of that basement into the sunshine and come November, into a whole new world.

However, voters who do not drink the Biden Kool-Aid need a tad more hoopla from a candidate running for Presidency or we ignore them. Biden waging a virtual campaign from his basement in Delaware fails to rally voters.

Hence, this lack of leadership from Biden spawns conspiracy theories.

Three Popular Biden Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theory 1 – Biden’s Puppet Government

Why Biden, Dems? In consideration to Biden’s wellbeing, why is the Democratic Party backing him as their candidate? Conspiracy Theory 1: Once Biden is sworn in as President, his own party declares 78-year Biden incompetent, elevating VP Harris to POTUS 46, placing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi [second in line to the Presidency] at the helm, steering the nation’s course and giving America its first puppet government.

Conspiracy Theory 2 – Biden Props Up Social Unrest

Democrats hold no hope that any candidate could win over incumbent Donald J. Trump. Rather than expend political gravitas and wage a dismal campaign 2020, they toss Biden into the fray for a heavy hitting defeat. Conspiracy Theory 2: Biden takes one for the team.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, the Dems stomp, complain, and blast defiance to make America miserable for another four years. Social unrest and activism run rampant.

Come convention time 2024, they throw us a lifeline attached to a sterling candidate to save the day. Alas, all is well, in their eyes.

Conspiracy Theory 3 – Biden’s Electoral College Folly

Count on Democrats once again to focus suspicion on the legitimacy of Electoral College — it’s on a 4-yr cycle.

Biden hinted that if Trump loses the popular vote, Trump may not accept the Electoral College vote. Say what?

For those with children, you know the child doing the protesting is generally the one scheming behind the scenes.

Turn the tables and try this scenario: Biden wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote. That’s the fairy tale floating for Conspiracy Theory 3. Biden supporters are ready to squawk if Biden wins the popular vote but looses the Electoral College.

How can this happen, you ask.

The Electoral College elects our Presidents

We are the United States of America, and each state is a sum of the whole. Fifty states equal the United States of America. And each state has its own governor, legislature, judicial body, tax collection, highway system, etc.

Each state is a powerful entity that governs itself and capitalizes on its unique resources.

You have heard of the midwest states, AKA, the Fly Over States, the states people fly over to arrive at the important, heavily-populated metropolitan states of New York and California.

To fly over us is OK, but to be irrelevant is not. So, the Constitution settled that with the 12th Amendment in 1804 and gave states voting gravitas with the Electoral College. States vote for electors to represent them and cast the final votes for President.

The Electoral College gives us 50 voting blocks

To solve the dilemma of smaller states having no say in the choice of President, our Constitution gives each state a voice in the Presidential Election through the Electoral College.

There are 538 electors. Presidential candidates wage their campaigns state-by-state to win 270 or more of those 538 elector votes.

The number of electors for each state is equal to its number of representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives, plus two senators. Washington DC, which is not a state, has three electors. 

A Reason to Fill out Your Census

States are equated the number of electors as they have delegates to the House of Representatives. That number is based on the state’s population. That number can fluctuated every 10 years based on that year’s census.

The number of representatives a state has is capped at not more than one for every 30,000. So, if you want your vote counted, fill out your census.

Red States Vs. Blue States

Each state is a voting block. It’s a battle between the red states and the blue states. If the majority voters in a state vote for the Democrat nominee, the states goes blue. If the majority voters in a state vote for the Republican nominee, the state goes red.

Mathematically, a candidate can win the popular mass vote and not the state’s electoral votes.

Any candidate or party who seeks to minimize the legitimacy of the Electoral College is a sore looser. However, in a close election, prepare yourself for a little outrage to discredit the constitutional body of the Electoral College and the validity of the election results. Hence, the Electoral College Folly.

Mark Your Calendar for Presidential Debates

Mark your calendars with the impending Trump – Biden 2020 Debates:
September 29/Tues.
October 15/Thurs.
October 22/Thurs.

View the VP Pence & Harris debate: Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Watching the public debates between the Presidential and VP candidates should prove great sport in a pandemic when people are glued to WIFI and looking for answers.

Is Biden the Dark Horse Candidate?

Wondering if Biden is the dark horse in this year’s election. We know what happened in the 2016 race. Dark horse Trump nosed ahead and out maneuvered Hillary, crossing the finish line first …
…and the crowd went wild.

Another viewpoint:
Biden winning is like pulling a rabbit out of the hat.
If you snooze, you loose.


Build Big Beautiful Wall With Door and Doorbell

2018 pool ball illustration

Governing from Behind the Eight Ball

Eight ball to play pool or billiards
Trump behind the 8-ball

President Donald Trump talks about a wall at our southern border for immigrants, a wall with a big, beautiful door, and that puts him behind the eight ball.

We’ve always had a door on the southern border for immigration. I first learned about it 40 years ago from Mom.

We propped the door open. It was a giant turn-style. Hispanics and immigrants seeking opportunity were embraced. They brought skills, values, and a work ethic. Businesses rolled out the red carpet to welcome a people who value hard work.   Y’All come!

Immigrants Welcomed

Back then, we were living in Aurora, Illinois, and my mother managed an assembly line that built telephones at Western Electric in nearby Montgomery.

Mom knew businesses welcomed immigrants. She heard there were signs at the southern border with big letters, Welcome! Come to Aurora!

In current times, the evolving of immigration to illegal-immigration has become nothing more than  a political debate thanks to a do-nothing congress clashing with a changing America that requires security.

Congress Fails to Act

Congress has made immigration a  political game, tugged around by voters and special interests groups. Our leaders shrink from action and lack creative thinking.

It’s time to call for a bill rather than a recess. Put an immigration act on the books.

Our open door on the border once served to welcome our neighboring country with whom we share a continent. Today it’s a detour for immigrants and a loophole for gangs, terrorists, and drug traffic.

We simply want a door on that wall — a door with a doorbell!

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Happy Ground Hog’s Day 2017

Ground Hog’s Day in DC!

Punxsutawney Phil of Gobblers Knob in Punxsutawney PA saw his shadow today, and predicts six more weeks of winter.

It’s always nicer to hear bad news from a groundhog.

Anyways, who cares about a little winter weather if it comes with  snowmen, sledding, hot cocoa, s’mores ….

Groundhog peeks out of hole on Groundhog's Day
Punxsutawney Phil sends his regrets

Phil, a No-Show at State of the Union Address

Possibly, Phil is a Democrat. He plans to sleep like a baby, Feb. 28. Conspiracy theory: Phil  sleeps not to insulate from winter weather but to boycott Trump’s address to the nation.

Republican or Democrat, my guess Phil is burrowing in to avoid political noise.

News Flash: the party is over

It was not enough for the Dems to boycott the Inauguration and duck out of meetings to confirm Trump’s Cabinet nominees. Nope, they are  toiling on a Trojan Horse for the State of the Union Address.

Our dignified leaders plan to dump on the President’s recent policies for extreme vetting of immigrants by inviting immigrants and non-citizens as guests to pack the  Senate floor and balcony during the State of the Union Address.

Hmm. Their goal is to gain sympathy against Trump’s executive order. Their hope is to glorify illegal immigration and retain flexible borders. Democrats see no need for extreme vetting.

They have donned Superman capes and appointed our President their nemesis. They elevate immigrants who are not yet U.S. citizens and snub their President. I know there is logic hiding in that somewhere.

Children, play nice together

In the fabulous words of Hollywood’s Matthew McConaughey on President Trump:
He’s our President now.  We must embrace, shake hands, and be constructive with him.

Children, say hello to your neighbors

I liked what Prez Trump said about building the wall during the presidential campaign (Aug. 6, 2016) – he wants to build a wall  with a “big, beautiful door” for people to come into the country legally.

Make that a golden door with a Welcome mat. Build ports-of-entry along our southern border with immigration clearing booths to document  immigrants using the newest technology as they enter the U.S.

Give each of the families who enter with identification a bus ticket, corporate sponsorship, and a bag of groceries. Send President Pena Nieto of Mexico a bill for their crossing fee.

Color me happy

Celebrate our history, our diversity, and our freedom.  It’s better to hear unity of hope  than the din of divisiveness. Contribute ideas to the dialogue.

I smile when I imagine all the national leaders and journalists who opened new Twitter accounts in 2016 to follow a President who Tweets.

Add playfulness to politics and with a box of crayons

Here’s a page to color and doodle for a playful, political  time-out. Or, maybe to color and fold into a paper airplane. Send it soaring through the air with  your bad thoughts and fears aboard …. or rather,  keep it afloat with your hopes and dreams.

When President Trump first approved his photograph for press releases, it was not with a smile or even a half-smile. His face had a determined look. It was a face at rest, waiting to spring into action.

Color Page of Prez Donald J Trump
Color or paint in honor of our 45th President

This illustration is a caricature inspired by an early press portrait of the President.

Women March with Madonna and Katie Perry for Hillary

fireworks for Madonna and Katie Perry

Wishing an extra syllable or two for Lady Madonna’s vocab

I’ve waited days and still no soft peddling from the beau mondes for Madonna’s name calling at the Women’s March on Washington 2017. The committee placed the pop star in the spotlight as someone who embodies their ideals.

And Madonna showered the crowd with her music and hurled insulting, four-letter names from the lectern  to disparage American democracy and  incite violence.

Yes, I am angry! Yes, I am outraged! Yes, I have thought a lot about blowing up the White House, but I know it won’t change things. -Lady Madonna [Lost in Translation]

Not sure what Madonna is so angry and outraged about. She moved across the pond in  2010, and doesn’t reside in the US. She lives in Great Britain. Does she have dual citizenship? Did she vote in the 2016 election? Multiple homes no doubt? Does she pay U.S. taxes on her hundreds of millions?

Not sure why women from all over the world joined hands to march, Jan. 21, 2017, the first day of Trump’s  Presidency. What I’ve heard from on-the-scene interviews:

  • In solidarity with other women
  • Want free marijuana for all
  • Offended by Trump’s language
  • No reason – just want to be here
  • Do not want to lose my health care
  • Countering dehumanization
  • Reproductive rights
  • Want to own my body

After all, why did women march?

Women who talked to the press gave a broad cross section of reasons. Since women all over the world marched, I feel it had less to do with Trump and more to do with the women themselves. Time will tell what the women in pink hats are thinking.

Many women are mad because Hillary lost. Either they voted for Hillary and are parading off their remorse, pouting and stomping, armed with a Starbucks Latte, or they failed to vote for Hillary and find themselves in the Land of Penance.

My favorite viewpoint on Why a boatload of women marched on Washington DC

Flip-Flops for after the Freedom Ball and after a march
Flip-flops for after the Freedom Ball

I liked the viewpoint of FOX Business Network Host Kennedy Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, who interviewed  women at the march. She reasoned some marched because they had already booked hotels and made travel plans to DC for Hillary’s inauguration. When Hillary lost, rather than loose points for travel and air mileage, they decided to keep their golden reservations and joined the march in lieu of attending a Hillary inauguration that was not forth coming.

The Women’s March on Washington 2017 was Hillary style with Hollywood stars headlining to draw crowds, Madonna, Katie Perry, Cher, Ashley Judd, etc.

Ashley Judd took a turn at the lectern and made bird-like movements, swooping  up and down as she spoke of things past and things to come. Her remarks are open to interpretation.

We heard George Soros dropped 70 million to support women’s groups who marched. One women’s group Soros does not fund and who were dis-invited from the parade are the National Right To Life leaders. No red carpet for them.

If you want to laugh off the Women’s March on Washington DC or delve deeper into public sentiment on the right, read comments on The Blaze dot com.

The timing of the Women’s March may as well been scheduled to preempt  the March for Life  planned for Jan. 27, 2017.

In the end, as President Trump says, “We need more hugs in politics.”