COVID Get Well Soon Cards for POTUS and FLOTUS

Get well soon, POTUS and FLOTUS!

Is it just me or do you not love a President who takes a Coronvirus cocktail before it is on the market. Trump tested positive with COVID on Thurs. By Saturday he had downed two doses per the recommendation of his White House physicians.

Next, they whisked him away to Walter Reed Hospital for further treatment.

Trump became a human guinea pig for us. Incredible. It’s almost like he believes what he says, which seemingly comes with a little hocus-pocus at times.

Count me out

Most of us sneer at taking a flu shot. Many no longer trust their government. Surely, the degree of trust needed to be among the first to swallow a coronvirus cocktail is nada. However, our President did.

Trump’s Pronounces himself well, almost

We are getting great reports from the doctors. This is an incredible hospital, Walter Reed. The work they do is just absolutely amazing, and I want to thank them all. [-Pres. Trump]

Time for a Victory Lap with Patriots

President Trump said he was going to surprise the patriots who were waving Trump flags and cheering outside the hospital for him to get well.

Trump announced this surprise victory lap during a broadcast news flash over the Internet. He speculated he could possibly out maneuver wifi. He hoped to speedily take the elevator down from his room to surprise the patriots outside the hospital, even before they heard he was coming on their phone Apps.

I am not telling anybody but you [world-wide-web], but I am about to pay a little surprise visit. Perhaps I will get there before you see me.  [-The Trumpster]

Meanwhile, Back at the White House

It’s back at the White House today for President Trump. It was a short stay at Walter Reed. And we know COVID is not over for the President nor the American people and our friends around the world.

It is great Trump rallies the American spirit forward into a brave era, with a smile on our faces.

Those who have lost loved ones to COVID feel their pain magnified at his optimistic direction and see insensitivity in the President’s call for courage while relegating its dangers.

However, by measuring the memories of those we have lost and left behind we are fueled to go forward, more determined than ever to hold on to what we have.

We have learned a lot about COVID. I have really gone to school, this is the real school. This is not the read-the-book school. And I get it. And I understand it.
It’s a very interesting thing, and I am going to let you know about it.
In the meantime, we love the USA, and we love what is happening.
Thank you!

-Pres. Donald J. Trump

Uphold our President in this COVID pandemic with your prayers and wishes for his good health.

And mail get-well cards to wish Pres. Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump a speedy recovery!