Santa’s List

Santa’s Naughty List

Santa's back at the North Pole checking his listSanta’s back at the North Pole, checking his Naughty List for Christmas 2017.

We want our politicians and public figures to challenge ideas and legislation and to press for the best administration of government possible, but not to sabotage democracy for their personal self interest with picayune practices. Those who do, earn a spot on Santa’s Naughty List:

—The 60 Democrats who boycotted the Inaugural Ceremonies of President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence.

—Republican primary candidates who swore to support the Republican primary candidate, and did not.

—Ohio Governor John Kasich, who not only failed to keep his pledge to support the primary candidate of the Republican  party but also did not attended the Republican Convention, held in his home state of Ohio. AND Kasich voted – and voted early – for Senator John McCain, who was not running for President to throw away his vote. I voted for John McCain, too, when he was running for President.

—Republican candidate for President Jeb Bush who failed to keep his pledge to support the primary candidate of the Republican party and who was a no-show at the Republican Convention.

—Political reporter Zeke Miller, Time Magazine, who falsely reported that President Trump had removed the bust of Martin Luther King from the White House. Zeke apologized quickly when proven wrong, but whatever happened to checking your facts before aiming a racist  accusation at the President, and on inauguration day.