President Trump Inspires Countless Books

Browsing B&N and found Donald Trump titles on nearly every shelf at front of store. President Trump is a hot topic, and makes good reading.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Only perused the book titles and not their content. I am lacking confidence that all of the books on the shelf are praise worthy of the President. However, he is inspiring countless authors, photographers, political analysts, and pundits to fill white pages bigly with photographs, typography, and cartoons.

Buy a Trump book – fan book or not?

I snapped photos as I strolled the many Trump titles on the shelf. You might want to order a book or two.

I merely snapped photos of books on the shelves and did not peruse magazine racks, the Nook corner, or to search their data base catalog for publications with Trump as subject.

Looking at the books on the shelves of B&N, we can say that authors and photographers and cartoonist are doing well in the Trump economy.

Consider publisher’s point of view

Even more important than the revenue stream for these literary giants is the larger benefit of publishing compiled thoughts and images. It’s good to get Trump off their chest and onto the printed page.

When you read a non-fiction book or article, consider the point of view and who is shaping it before adding books to your library.

Join the Trump train and write a book

Looks like a book written about Trump is a publisher’s $dream. Maybe you could write a book about Trump or draw some insightful cartoons to inspire a nation.

When you publish a book, you put a part of yourself on the pages and you present your ideas and images to others for dialogue.

This freedom of speech and discourse are at the heart of freedom and what keeps America great.