Yard Signs Lead to Trump

Yard Signs Make for Good Reading 

It’s All About the Yard Signs: I am struck by the number of Trump yard signs and Trump flags flying from trucks and boats. This show of candidate support is remarkable.

I put people in the patriot column when they wear a cap or fly a flag or plant a sign in their yard to honor their candidate. It exposes their political viewpoint, which is not always popular and often harassed.

Remarkably, Trump mania has produced roadside Trump pop-up shops with a number of Trump-Pence souvenir items for purchase.

Enthusiasm is on Trump’s side decidedly from the show of yard signs, flags, and flotillas. I snapped a few photos from my drive in the countryside.

I am hurting for Biden signs. E-mail a pic of your signs and flags to add to the gallery 2020.

Trump boaters hit the lake on Labor Day weekend at Table Rock Lake
Trump flag on Tom's truck at Menards
Bought some tile for our remodel at Menard’s and spotted this enthusiastic Trump supporter
Early Trump supporter in a Trump hat
Vacationing when I ran into this early supporter of Trump. Told him he was courageous strolling around in a Trump hat. He said he had every Trump hat ever made. Pretty much think he does ’cause every time I bumped into him at the resort, he was sporting a new one