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Sugar coated quotes from Trump
There’s no sugar coating Trump quotes

The art of communication: Presidential Quotes

There’s no sugar coating Donald Trump. Nonetheless, he is a willing candidate to engage in open and free-thinking dialogue to give us a sounding board and elevate political dialogue with candor, or not.

And I quote … POTUS 45…

The American people will NOT pay for the wall [bordering U.S. and Mexico]. Mexico will pay for the wall.

[Mexico is not going to pay for your wall. A wall divides.
-Peña Nieto, President of Mexico]

We should get along with everyone if we can.

Reagan was a great President. He could have been stronger on trade, but that’s OK.

Obama Care [Affordable Care Act] is a disaster. It’s a horror show.

I am going to cut taxes bigly.

Keep America Great! – Campaign Slogan 2020

Golden Oldies from the Trumpster

  • Make America Great Again – Campaign Slogan 2019
  • It’s going to be huuuugggge
  • I am very, very rich – richer than most people think
  • I had very, very good parents
  • I have a brain
  • I say what I say

Measure men by their words

Words don’t vanish into thin air. Einstein proved that. 

Italian superstar Andrea Bocelli says whenever his family  gathers they talk about important things that matter. Matters of substance.  He instills idealism in their home.

What a lovely place to be, surrounded by loved ones speaking about what matters most in their lives.