Women March with Madonna and Katie Perry for Hillary

Wishing an extra syllable or two for Lady Madonna’s vocab

I’ve waited days and still no soft peddling from the beau mondes for Madonna’s name calling at the Women’s March on Washington 2017. The committee placed the pop star in the spotlight as someone who embodies their ideals.

And Madonna showered the crowd with her music and hurled insulting, four-letter names from the lectern  to disparage American democracy and  incite violence.

Yes, I am angry! Yes, I am outraged! Yes, I have thought a lot about blowing up the White House, but I know it won’t change things. -Lady Madonna [Lost in Translation]

Not sure what Madonna is so angry and outraged about. She moved across the pond in  2010, and doesn’t reside in the US. She lives in Great Britain. Does she have dual citizenship? Did she vote in the 2016 election? Multiple homes no doubt? Does she pay U.S. taxes on her hundreds of millions?

Not sure why women from all over the world joined hands to march, Jan. 21, 2017, the first day of Trump’s  Presidency. What I’ve heard from on-the-scene interviews:

  • In solidarity with other women
  • Want free marijuana for all
  • Offended by Trump’s language
  • No reason – just want to be here
  • Do not want to lose my health care
  • Countering dehumanization
  • Reproductive rights
  • Want to own my body

After all, why did women march?

Women who talked to the press gave a broad cross section of reasons. Since women all over the world marched, I feel it had less to do with Trump and more to do with the women themselves. Time will tell what the women in pink hats are thinking.

Many women are mad because Hillary lost. Either they voted for Hillary and are parading off their remorse, pouting and stomping, armed with a Starbucks Latte, or they failed to vote for Hillary and find themselves in the Land of Penance.

My favorite viewpoint on Why a boatload of women marched on Washington DC

Flip-Flops for after the Freedom Ball and after a march
Flip-flops for after the Freedom Ball

I liked the viewpoint of FOX Business Network Host Kennedy Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, who interviewed  women at the march. She reasoned some marched because they had already booked hotels and made travel plans to DC for Hillary’s inauguration. When Hillary lost, rather than loose points for travel and air mileage, they decided to keep their golden reservations and joined the march in lieu of attending a Hillary inauguration that was not forth coming.

The Women’s March on Washington 2017 was Hillary style with Hollywood stars headlining to draw crowds, Madonna, Katie Perry, Cher, Ashley Judd, etc.

Ashley Judd took a turn at the lectern and made bird-like movements, swooping  up and down as she spoke of things past and things to come. Her remarks are open to interpretation.

We heard George Soros dropped 70 million to support women’s groups who marched. One women’s group Soros does not fund and who were dis-invited from the parade are the National Right To Life leaders. No red carpet for them.

If you want to laugh off the Women’s March on Washington DC or delve deeper into public sentiment on the right, read comments on The Blaze dot com.

The timing of the Women’s March may as well been scheduled to preempt  the March for Life  planned for Jan. 27, 2017.

In the end, as President Trump says, “We need more hugs in politics.”